NIsha Shetty Realtor Dubai Real Estate

To be successful as a property consultant, I stay proactive and keep up with the latest developments of the existing real estate market conditions while demonstrating effective negotiation skills and secure the best real estate deals for clients.

  • I assist investors & end users to make sound property-purchasing decisions.
  • I assist landlords in leasing their properties.
  • I consult with clients to identify their needs, preferences, and financial concerns.
  • I maintaining an database of all properties to buy, sell & rent.
  • Developing strategies to increase the value of properties for clients looking to sell or rent.
  • Conducting negotiations with other party on behalf of clients.

Choosing the right property which supports your future life goals is a must before you sign a paper and if you already own or rent a property evaluating the premises and making necessary changes in order to add value to your life goals is also important. Hence after thorough analysis of the subject premises I provide with report and inputs as deemed necessary.