Nisha Shetty ROI Realtor | Property Consultant | Vastu Consultant Dubai | India
Property & Vastu Consultant

My Vision

✅ Find the properties that helps you prosper 📈!


✅ Keep it simple for the clients to express their property requirement in respect to buying, selling, renting and vastu analysis.

✅ Make it easier for clients to help me help you find the real estate properties that helps you prosper.

My Values

I Believe In:

✅ Being myself, real and honest.

✅ Doing the right thing for the long term.

✅ Respect and build relationships because not every conversation may lead to doing business.

My Thoughts

Welcome to my space!

 I would like to mention the concept of
Wabi-Sabi which has a profound effect on me and I think of it as a perfect metaphor for
the individuals that we are and for what we do. It makes us unique, so I call it “Beauty in
Tomorrow I am going to be different, but better than who I am today ! What about You?

Wish you luck in being the best version of you 💫

” Be yourself; everyone else is already taken” ~ Oscar Wilde