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Dubai REST: Your One-Stop Shop for Dubai Real Estate Needs


Ever wished there was a single app to handle everything related to your property in Dubai? Well, look no more! Dubai Real Estate Self Transaction also known as Dubai REST is here to simplify your real estate life.

What is Dubai REST?

Think of Dubai REST as your digital toolbox for all things Dubai real estate. Whether you’re a property owner, tenant, broker, or simply interested in the market, this app has something for you.

Here’s what you can do with Dubai REST:


  •  View all your properties in one place, like a digital wallet.
  • Get updates on current property value, rental income, and service fees.
  • Manage leases (register, renew, cancel) and track any rental disputes.


  • Find and manage your rental property with ease.
  • Pay rent conveniently (though the specific payment method might be mentioned elsewhere in the app).
  • Submit and follow up on any rental disputes.


  • Access reliable information on Dubai’s real estate market, directly from the government.
  • Find details about off plan projects, developers, valuers, and other real estate professionals.
  • Look up rental and sales indexes to understand market trends.

Benefits of Using Dubai REST:

  • Convenience: Manage everything from property details to lease agreements in one app.
  • Security: Login safely using your Emirates ID, face scan, or UAE digital pass.
  • Trustworthy Information: Get the latest and most accurate data straight from the Dubai Land Department.
  • Transparency: Track rental disputes and property value with ease.

Getting Started with Dubai REST

Download the app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Once you’re set up, you can explore the various features and enjoy a more streamlined real estate experience in Dubai.

Remember, Dubai REST is all about making Dubai’s real estate market more accessible and user-friendly for everyone!


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