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Keep Faith

Dear Reader, I respect everyone’s beliefs and faith which may be different, you may even be an atheist. Hence replace the word God with what works for you to connect, stay positive and hopeful.

Life sometimes tries to push us down. We all face disappointments and setbacks. It could be you received bad news with respect to your job or something’s in your relationship didn’t work out or perhaps a storm that damaged your house. It was a setback, it’s easy to get discouraged and lose your enthusiasm. Too often we just settle where we are. But if we’re going to see God’s best we must have this bounce back mentality. It simply means when you get knocked down you don’t stay down you get back up again. It means when you are hit with disappointments and things don’t go your way you don’t have a pity party.

Faith Hope Belief By Nisha ShettyYou may think life’s just not fair, NO you shake it all knowing and believing what was meant for your harm God’s going to use it for your good. When you are a kind of person with a bounced back attitude you know that every adversity every setback will be over and gone in a matter of time. You know it’s not going to last forever, it’s only temporary. Weeping may endure for a night but you know joy is coming in the morning. You don’t sit around complaining and thinking about how bad it was and everything that you lost.

You know God is the God of restoration. He has promised to pay you back in double for every unfair situation. Instead of being discouraged by the difficulty you should be encouraged knowing that you are going to get double for your trouble. You will come out better off than you were before. When I look at you who carry the bounce back attitude, I believe and have faith that you have the seed of almighty God inside of you. In your blood right now is the DNA of a winner, the DNA of an overcomer. There is no challenge too difficult for you, there is no obstacle too hard to overcome, no sickness no disappointment no person no hurricane no stock market can keep you from your God given destiny.

The enemy may have done his best but his best will never be enough, if you stay in faith. What was meant to stop you will not be a stumbling block but rather a stepping stone so you can go to a higher level. Life may have been tough at times. It feels like the wind’s been taken out of our sails, you feel stuck in a situation. But the good news is almighty God has put a bounce back in your spirit. That is why when you are tempted to give up on your dreams when you are tempted to just settle. Say no way this is not who I am. I was created to live in victory, I was created to overcome this sickness, I was created to rise above these problems because it’s in your DNA you have the blood of a winner.

I want you to get your hopes up. You are not an average you, you are not an ordinary you, you are the child of the most high God. When times get tough you can’t sit back and feel sorry for yourself you gotto dig your heels in and have the attitude, I may have got knocked out for now, but I recognize this set back is simply a set up for a great come back and it is just a matter of time before I come back stronger, healthier and better than I was before. Be like a palm tree and withstand the hurricane of life. Unlike most of the trees the palm tree is able to bend so it doesn’t break when the hurricane runs out of steam, when the winds die down you know what happens? That palm tree comes right back up to where it was.

This is how you are and you will live your life.

Faith Hope Belief By Nisha ShettyFully healthy fully blessed God is saying you’re going to get it all back. The blessing always follows, these are unusual miracles, things may seem impossible but nothing is too difficult for our God. You may have a situation that looks too far gone, like it could never work out but God has some of these unusual miracles for you unusual good health, unusual favor, unusual promotion it’s something that you haven’t seen out of the ordinary. It’s never happened in your life, get ready payback is coming, the enemy may have done his/her best but his best was not good enough. God has the final say and God is saying this to you. I am going to repay you for the years the enemy has stolen. You may have been mistreated, and you may be lonely, you may be sick, addicted or depressed.

God is about to repay you. You’re going to have plenty of joy, plenty of hail, plenty of opportunities, plenty of resources. You’re not only going to be satisfied but you are going to be amazed. You may have made mistakes but God is full of mercy. It may look impossible, but God has all the power. He knows what you’ve been through he knows what wasn’t fair he says soon the payback is coming. Not partial, not halfway, not ninety percent, you are going to get it all back. I believe and have faith that God is going to restore the years that the enemy has stolen. You are going to come out in abundance, you’re going to come out loaded with unusual favors’, unusual healing, unusual breakthroughs, the fullness of your destiny in God’s faith.

Some quotes on Faith to resonate:

  • Faith will help you Grow through what you go through. ~Unknown
  • Have Faith God isn’t finished yet. ~Unknown
  • Feed your Faith and your fears will starve to death. ~Unknown


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  1. And now thats how i feel relaxed. Your words always work on me 🙂 thank you for these words am now fully relaxed and ok with whatever is happening

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