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STOP if you wish to be the change.

Take a few minutes and ask yourself – “How often do I use plastic in any form?”

And, if you question the importance of this, read along… to be the change.

The term Plastic Pollution means accumulation of discarded plastic particles and objects. Studies show plastic pollution does adversely affect land, waterways, ocean and living beings. As per a report from National Atmospheric & Oceanographic management the number of marine mammals that died due to plastic pollution each year is over 1,00,000 and the number of birds that died due to entanglement or ingestion of plastic is approximately over 1 million.

Start it small and you can make a difference, create an impact for our environment. To get you started below are some tips:

  • Nisha-Shetty-Personal-Blogger - Be The Change - Say No To Plastic No Plastic Straws:

If you think about it, plastic straws are only one time use later discarded to add to the pollution of the atmosphere for years and every one this for a momentary convenience. Be the change, refuse a plastic straw and have your drink like you will have it in your home without a straw. For the ones who think having a straw is a must – kindly buy reusable Metal, Silicone or Paper straws.

  • No Plastic Water Bottles:

We all know how easily a plastic bottle is available. But the environment and your body don’t need to get water from single use plastic bottles. As per health experts heat causes plastic to release toxic chemicals into the water. Because of which there are multiple health risks in having beverages from plastic bottles. Be thoughtful and use this opportunity to set an example. Be the change and use the substitutes, we would like to suggest are Glass, Steel or Copper bottles and flasks.

  • No Plastic Bags:

Plastic bags have an undeniable adverse impact. Hence there has been a worldwide movement to ban single use plastic bags in several parts of the planet.  As of today we continue to see street vendors selling vegetables or flowers in plastic bags. Be the change “this is your chance”, repeatedly we’ve a bag but we conveniently still take the items within the bag . Say no to the single use plastic bag and use your own bag. There are a lot of Cotton, Canvas and other Reusable bags available in the market.

Be the change. Be the one to say NO to trash our planet for convenience and ignorance.

I can think of many more ways of how I can reduce my consumption of single use plastic.

What about You?

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